Drive time: 40 Minutes
  1. Take the paved road out of Chico and turn Left on East Side Road (at the green dumpsters).

  2. Go 0.7 mile and turn right on Murphy Lane toward Emigrant and US Hwy. 89.

  3. At the Blinking light intersection in Emigrant, turn Left on to Hwy. 89 South (last gas, convenience store, coffee)

  4. Between Mile Markers 16 and 17, turn Left on Tom Miner Road, look for the electric sub-station on your left (thus begins the dirt road portion of your journey).

  5. Follow Tom Miner Road for 6.5 miles, using the directions below:

    1. Follow the road across the bridge and up a short hill, at the T stay left. You are now on old Yellowstone Trail/Tom Miner Road.

    2. The road will make sharp turn to the right, keep going.

    3. Stay to the left as the road turns 90° to the left, you will cross tom miner creek here, and pass an interesting stone house.

    4. Just past the stone house, the road splits – follow tom miner road uphill to the right.

    5. The road climbs steeply for about 1.5 miles until emerging into the open expanse of Tom Miner Basin. Stay on the road.

    6. At 6 miles you will pass a very cool stone house on your left.

    7. Stay to the right down the small hill and around the curve.

  6. Take the next left under the log arch into Grizzly Creek Ranch.

  7. Follow this ranch road, staying to the left at the Y. You will go down a small hill, across horse creek, toward 2 large barns.

  8. Someone will meet you in the Grizzly Hall building, the first large barn.