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About Grizzly Creek Ranch & Retreat - Sustainability & Stewardship

Thomas Edison famously said that genius is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration. Indeed, but without that initial insight and inspiration, all the effort in the world comes to nothing. The first time we saw Grizzly Creek Ranch, we knew we needed to share this inspirational place with people who dream big things and then make them happen. We took this working horse and cattle ranch and added just the right amenities to make it a perfect retreat center as well.

A working horse and cattle ranch, Grizzly Creek surrounds you with equine beauty.We couldn’t bear to turn this natural beauty into a touristy ”dude ranch” or conference center. Instead, we wanted to balance stewardship of the land with comfort and utility for our guests. You’ll find upscale lodging and ranch-wide wi-fi, but no gift shops or rhinestone cowboys. American ranch life has always been about sustainability, and Grizzly Creek is no exception. From our choice of organic local foods to our promotion of sustainability training for young people, Grizzly Creek Ranch & Retreat is committed to responsible and practical environmental stewardship.

There’s a story about an American traveling in Africa. He hires a guide to lead him through the jungle to a remote village. In the afternoon the guide stops to set up camp for the night. The American impatiently inquires why they aren’t taking advantage of the remaining daylight to travel farther.“ We have traveled very fast and must allow time for our souls to catch up with our bodies” says the guide. That’s how we see the ranch: as a place where your soul can catch up with your body.


Natalie Orfalea

The voice of nature is always encouraging.” — Henry David Thoreau

About Grizzly Creek Ranch & Retreat - Sustainability & Stewardship

Adjacent to Yellowstone National Park, one of the last intact temperate ecosystems on earth, Grizzly Creek Ranch employs environmentally sensitive methods of operation to ensure the long-term health of the land and the wildlife.

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” — Edward Abbey