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Grizzly Creek Ranch & Retreat Uses

Grizzly Hall is like an old world dance hall - with wi-fi.Grizzly Creek Retreats
Every visit to Grizzly Creek Ranch is a unique, custom-designed experience. We can accommodate up to 16 overnight guests, double occupancy, and as many as 125 for day use events.

The fire pit outside Grizzly Hall; where stories are told, ideas refined, and communities built.For groups who want outstanding accommodations but prefer the independence, economy and privacy of self-sufficiency, we offer packages that include sleeping accommodations, basic housekeeping, and full kitchen access. Perfect for groups with planned activities (meeting, workshops, study), modest budgets, and a willingness to work together on meals as a teambuilding exercise.

Other groups may want deluxe catered retreats with pre-arranged meal service, a choice of teambuilding activities (e.g., rafting, wildlife tour, etc.) and/or outsourced executive development programs.

At Grizzly Creek Ranch & Retreat, the choices are always yours. Each retreat is custom crafted to meet your group’s goals. GCRR staff will help you design your experience, connect with local activity, business service, and catering resources, and get the most from your visit.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams